October 12, 2013


Bought my first eyeshadow primer yesterday. Whoever invented that stuff is a freaking genius, because now my zombie eyes won’t rub off! Win.


Jennifer Lawrence is taller than everyone.

Normally, since we are broke, Josh and I don’t go to movies unless it’s someone’s birthday, or our anniversary, or something special like that. The Hunger Games movies, much like the Twilight movies, are getting November releases. The only birthday near this time is my niece Sydney’s. That counts, right? Even if we don’t take her with us? :P I read these books back to back for the first time after the final one was released, and have been waiting impatiently for each movie to come.

BTW, let me just say, PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. I met him once, after a screening of The Savages. Nice guy. My first thought was Damn, he’s short, and then he reminded me of my dad. I said hello, he said hello and smiled like he wasn’t irritated by my presence. The end.